Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2006

Yahoo! Group

We encourage members to join the OWA Yahoo! group. This is a dynamic forum that can address questions, topics, etc more readily and efficiently than our bi-monthly newsletter.

The OWA yahoo group has been used as an informal means of communication among members. By being in the Yahoo group, you are able to write an email to a single email address,, and reach everyone else in the Yahoo group at once. Typical uses have been arranging carpools to events, job postings, invitations to Open Studios and other personal events, and requests for recommendations of consultants, materials, or methods.

However, once you join OWA you are not automatically in the Yahoo group. There are two ways to join the Yahoo group.

1. You can navigate through the Yahoo website to Yahoo groups and search for OWA or simply click on this link There is a button in the upper right that prompts you to join the group. After clicking this button you are asked for your Yahoo email address, if you don't have one you will have to sign up for a free account. Upon signing in you are able to request to join the group. Once the Yahoo group Owner/Moderator approves the request you are able to send out emails or post directly to the bulletin board.

2. The Moderator invites you into the group. If you'd like an invitation you should write to OWA Info and state your request. The Moderator will then send you an invitation. Once you accept and fill out the member information you are ready to start posting to the group.

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