Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2007

People\'s Committee Building, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Annual Planning Meeting

This OWA event was formerly called the Annual Business Meeting. Since last year's attendance was low we've re-named this important meeting to: The Annual Planning Meeting. This is essentially an all OWA member Steering Committee meeting. The goal here is to inform membership of the year's finances, goals, annual donation, etc. Some of the topics we plan to cover are :

Annual Holiday Donation: I know a lot of you were very vocal at last year's party when we asked for a ratification vote. To date that money has not been awarded to any charity. At this meeting we will be looking for a vote on IF we should donate money at all.

2008 Calendar: While the Steering Committee is working on next year's calendar we want to hear which programs you especially liked, do you want more tours, presentations, all architecture or life issues (e.g. Estate Planning). What would you like to see or hear?

New Steering Committee Members: We strongly encourage any members, new or long time who have an interest in serving on the SC to attend and let a member(s) of the SC know of your interest. Some of the roles on the Steering Committee are: Newsletter Editor, Website Editor, Event Photographer, Event Host, Meeting Minutes Recorder, and other one-time roles. The time commitment is manageable as we meet for couple of hours every other month. Each Steering Committee member is responsible for organizing one calendar event. Of course we help one another as we can.

So please mark your calendars for this meeting. Let us hear from you!

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