Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2008

Green, organic and ecological

Two for One on Tuesday, February 5th!

by Suzanne Stewart, Stacy Webb
Two for One on Tuesday, February 5th!
If your New Year's resolution is to manage your money better or take advantage of the PG&E Pacific Energy Center resources, come to the OWA General Meeting on Tuesday, February 5th.

Remember to vote in the Primary before you come.

PG&E Pacific Energy Center Tour
Nick Rajkovich, Sr. Program Engineer at the Pacific Energy Center will be our host tour guide of the PEC and answer your questions from 5:30 to 6:30.

Presentation on Financial Planning
From 6:30 to 8:00 Greg Hannah, CFP, BA in Economics from Dartmouth, an MBA in Finance from the University of Pittsburgh will make a nuts and bolts presentation of financial planning, and encourages questions and a good discussion afterwards. Greg has insurance, equity, and financial
planning licenses. He has particular insight into disability and long term care insurance having suffered a stroke in his early fifties. The formal part of the meeting will conclude at 8:00, and then Nick and Greg will be available for individual questions and networking for 30 minutes.

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