Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2008

Green, organic and ecological

Additions to the OWA Website.

by OWA Webmaster
Message Board
As you may have noticed, a new feature has been added to the OWA website: a Message Board. As a logged-in member you can now post topics of interest to OWA members and Comment on topics that others have posted. You decide if your topic is visible to the general public or to members alone. We have tried in the past to use Yahoo Groups for this purpose, but having a message board as part of the OWA website we hope will strengthen all of the benefits that the site has to offer. Those benefits include the online Newsletter, Calendar, Directory of OWA members, information about OWA Programs and Events and web Resources of interest to women in the design professions.

Your Work
We would also like to feature you on the website. We want to begin showing off the design capabilities of OWA members in various locations. We know how creative you are, and the site should reflect that creativity. If you have photos of your work (both vocational and avocational efforts) we would be please to display them. This will not be a profile of a particular members work - that may come at a later date. These will be used to headline the various pages on the site replacing the somewhat shopworn photos we currently use. The photos will have a caption and a link to your own website if appropriate.

JPEG files are requested, horizontal formats, a minimum of 1200x800 pixels in size. Also requested is your particular role in the represented project (in 5 words or less), the name of the photographer if necessary, and the website to link to.

Help us make this a more beautiful site. Please email your jpeg attachments to the OWA Webmaster .

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