Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2009

International Archive of Women in Architecture

by Inge Horton

A few words about the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) may be helpful. Architecture professor Milka Bliznakov, Ph.D. established the Archive in 1985 for the purpose of preserving the work of women architects and thus allowing research on the contributions of women to the field of architecture and related professions. Since then, the IAWA has grown significantly and houses a truly international collection. The Guide to the Collections of the IAWA provides a good overview of the holdings of the IAWA. Among the women (and one husband and partner) from Northern California who contributed their collections are Olive Chadeayne, Kathleen Cruise, Nan Croley, Jane Duncombe, Audrey Emmons, Lois Davidson Gottlieb, Inge Horton, Steve and Cathi House, Vera Jansone, Sigrid Lorenzen Rupp, Rebecca Wood Watkin, Beverly Willis, and Barbara Woodward. The IAWA also holds records of OWA and the now defunct California Women in Environmental Design (CWED.) Some of the collections are large, while others are small; they all reflect different practices and projects. Everybody's contribution is welcome.

by Inge Horton, OWA Member and Emerita Advisor of the IAWA

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