Newsletter | May/Jun 2009

OWA Westerbeke Retreat 2009

This year we are planning a somewhat unusual format, expanding the customary Friday night show-and-tell, getting-to-know-you program into the whole weekend. It will be a celebration of US – and aren’t we terrific!

If you are so inclined, you will have up to 15 minutes to expand on the subject that you couldn’t fit into the 2 minutes you were allotted Friday night. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. We are a loose group, after all.

The subject could be anything you are particularly passionate about – work, play, people, materials. For example, Janet is thinking of talking about two neighborhood initiatives in North Beach: the homeless program and an organization whose goal is to provide a network and resources for seniors to help them stay in their homes, "age in place" (and generally solve problems that arise during later life).
You could discuss, with or without pictures, a project that turned out especially well, or ask for help on one that is giving you grief. Or you could sing, play the flute, exhibit your sculpture – or not.

If you know of anyone else in your area of interest, consider teaming up. As we get indications of interest, we will inform you and you can follow through. Please let us know what your intentions are and we will work on the scheduling.

More information is on the OWA Retreat Page.

You may also contact:
Judith Wasserman
Rosemary Muller

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