Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2009

Mignon's Wedding at the Tarkara Saki Factory in Berkeley

Editor's Note

by Mui Ho
Caolyne Orazi, our editor for the past half year is busy packing to move to UK this month. We will all miss her. In the mean time, I have volunteered to be the editor.

I would also like to remind you that OWA has decided to stop printing and mailing its newsletter starting January 2010. Many members think it is a greener approach. Our newsletter is still to be published bi-monthly and be posted on our site at the beginning of the odd number months. We encourage all our members to use our site more actively.

This newsletter is part of our organizational history. It has served us well and many of you have been editors through the years. I started the one page cut and paste newsletter in 1973 to keep members informed. It is fortuitous that I am the editor for last printed issue. I feel a bit sentimental about this little publication. I will miss carrying this newsletter around to read when I am on public transit.

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