Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2009

Mignon's Wedding at the Tarkara Saki Factory in Berkeley

Mignon's Wedding

by Mui Ho

Oliver, Mui and Mignon

On 18 October 2009, Mignon O'Young, one of our new Steering Committee member starting 2010 got married in Berkeley. The ceremony was held at the Takara Tasting Room. Mignon has chosen this place for her wedding ceremony not only because it is a very beautiful space but it is the first architectural project Mignon worked on after she got her degree in Berkeley. This project is a forerunner of green architecture. The beautiful wood used in the Takara Tasting Room came from recycle wood and the tight grain Douglas Fir circular Columns are most impressive.

For the bridal party, Mignon has chosen a burnt orange color for the bridesmaid's dress with a dull gold sash which complimented the rich wood décor of this Tasting Room. I was very impressed by this persimmon color, commonly found in Japanese paintings, went so well with all different complexions and hair colors.

Mignon looked gorgeous and happy and her husband Oliver looked very relaxed and happy as well. The ceremony was officiated by Mignon's classmate Grace, another architect/mother. It was very short and sweet. Everyone loved the simple ceremony and we had wonderful sakai . For the reception dinner, all the guests moved on to East Ocean Restaurant with the view of San Francisco.

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