Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2009

Mignon's Wedding at the Tarkara Saki Factory in Berkeley

OWA Steering Committee News:

Starting 1 January 2010, we will have four new Steering Committee members coming on board. Judy Rowe joined the SC middle this year will stay on. The new members are Mignon O’Young, Gilda Puente-Peters, Leslie Golden and Karleen Gullore.

We will try to rotate no more than three SC members each time to create continuity. Since both Mignon and Gilda have been Steering Committee members in the recent years, even though we have four new persons coming on board, it would not be of any issue.

For people who are interested in attending SC meetings , please contact one of our SC members. We need to know the number for providing food.

Leslie Allen
Darlene Jang
Carolyne Orazi
Judith Rowe
Caroline SooHoo

Mui Ho, Treasurer
Margaret Goglia, Archivist
Bill Hocker, Webmaster

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