Newsletter | May/Jun 2010

Meeting Report: Search Engines, Social Media and Marketing

by Leslie Golden

The Bliss Presentation

This April 20th we all enjoyed a wonderful presentation by Allison Bliss on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Marketing.
Location: Herman Coliver Locus Architecture in San Francisco
Approximately 25 People Attended the Presentation

Thank you to Susie Coliver for hosting the April Meeting at her terrific studio in San Francisco. Bobby Sue has suggested that the hosting member give us a tour of the office – a great idea – I am sorry I didn’t think of it sooner. We will implement that from here on. We had over 20 people attending the presentation and two new members joined!

Highlights presented by Allison were:
  1. Build a blog for free: - Their easy, do-it-yourself
    wizard will walk you through the process. Or try They
    have video instructions to teach you to use it.
  2. Analyze your website visitors: You can sign up for free to get Google
    Analytics - see what your visitors are doing on your website.
  3. Before you hire an SEO team, ask which sites they have got ranked #1
    on Google – for the company’s category, not their name!” Know that
    there are no written rules to get top of Google. It takes 3-6 months to
    see the results of your efforts in your ranking.
    Tips to get top ranking:
    • Professionally research keyword phrases
    • Lots of Content (words not pictures)
    • Backlinks (to larger web sites)
    • Proper Coding, Descriptions
    • Places to Convert Lookers to Purchasers
    • Social Media, Videos, Podcasts
    • Consistency and Longevity
  4. Don’t pay for local search. Sign up for FREE local search available at the
    Google Local Business Center

Many were so energized by the presentation we have decided to continue the discussion among ourselves on May 20th at Golden Associates, 4400 Market Street Oakland, CA. 510 465 4030. All are welcome to exchange marketing and social media ideas. Please RSVP to Leslie Golden – so I know how much food to get.

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