Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2011

Public Relations and Group Outreach Project

by Susan Aitken

Proposal: Identify other professional groups, who are either women professionals or members of related design and engineering fields who have relevance to OWA. Evaluate appropriate groups for cross-interaction and support.

Identify outreach and cross-interaction goals including:
• Joint meetings or presentations opportunities
• Links to Websites
• Provide OWA members as speakers for their organizations.
• Tap their organizations for speakers for OWA functions.
• Negotiate discounts for OWA members for services or training offered by that group.
• Add groups to OWA invitation lists for exhibits and similar
• National as well as regional recognition

OWA Objectives Supported:
1. Increase OWA visibility with public, professional groups and other groups with similar goals.
2. Contribute to arrangement of Speaker and presentations.
3. Contribute to more interactivity on OWA web site
4. Identify organizations that are already providing services OWA would like to provide to our members, but avoids duplication (and the organizational effort that goes into planning them).

How you can help: Are you a member in another women’s professional group? Are you aware of or familiar with another organization that seems to fit the bill? Send your suggestions to me at Susan Aitken. I’ll update my progress in future newsletters.

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