Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2011

Great News from Topher Delaney

by Rody Santamarina
2011 has been quite a year for Topher Delaney. Topher Delaney is the recipient of the 2011 Distinguished Alumna Award for the University of California Berkeley representing the College of Environmental Design. This award acknowledges her contributions in the arts + philanthropy. In particular the Medicinal + Botanical gardens which are experienced in inner city public hospitals, hospitals which serve pediatric oncology, police stations within the urban matrixes, public botanical gardens, and public institutions of learning, and yes shopping centers!!!

Topher Delaney is currently exhibiting in a solo exhibition at the Don Soker Contemporary Art . The gallery is a wonderful 5,000 square foot venue in which there are 50 pieces of her current works of art. If you are in the vicinity you will enjoy the installation of the little people / precious little consider the squirrel / pistols + stamen/ the guns of transformation / + 9’ high column of plush animals.

Topher Delaney, in keeping with her philosophy of natural balance + health in the environment, has launched with a team of Jedi wizards Anyone with an allergy to food (in particular gluten) should check this terrific site out.

Topher Delaney has also been teaching a series of courses @ The University of Berkeley + The San Francisco Botanical Garden entitled Mapping Sanctuaries, the intersection of geography with spiritual + cultural practices.

June 24th celebrates the opening of SEAT @ Fort Mason Center, a National Park located on the shores of the San Francisco Bay, which is an exterior exhibition of 45 artists, architects, landscape architects, and engineers. This exhibition will be present for two years to accommodate the America’s Cup Race in San Francisco Bay. Topher Delaney is the curator of SEAT. This will be a prime spot for viewing the races!!!!

If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact Rody at SEAM STUDIOS: or 415-621-9899 x108

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