Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2011

Annual Meeting Endorses Four New Steering Committee Members

by Joanne Winship

Social time before October 2011 Annual Business Meeting

The October Annual Meeting voted in four new Steering Committee members to serve the next two years. Eliza Hart, Rosemary Muller, Rachel Slonicki and Cameron White, join Susan Aitkin, Gabriella Chamu and Dede Tave to help plan and bring programs to OWA members for the year 2012. It’s a great group of women who will be focusing on increasing the visibility of women in the design profession through training and marketing. Member assistance in planning and participation in these events will be highly encouraged.

The financial report was made by Treasurer Judy Rowe and a proposed 2012 Operating Budget was presented. After lengthy discussions and activity pod reports that put the proposed budget in perspective, the 2012 budget was approved. The proposed budget and approval process was initiated to encourage more information sharing and participation in the planning and implementation of activities. A special 2012-2013 budget for the 40th Anniversary of OWA was also presented and approved, giving the green light for planning a symposium and gala celebration in the Spring of 2013.

The activity pods reported out the following:

Book Circle Pod - Wendy Bertrand presented a report on the 3 books read in 2010- 2011, the budget expended, and the books planned for 2012. She requested that the Steering Committee and membership decide which schools that teach architecture or design classes should receive the donated books. Members wishing to join the 2012 Book Circle should contact Wendy Bertrand.

Media Pod - Leslie Golden reported on the progress of the 2 videos in production for OWA - one for the 40th anniversary gala and the other a brief promo for the website.

Ecovillage Pod - Spring Friedlander would like OWA to endorse adding the number of occupants of a residence to the point system of Green Rating Standards.

Business Trends Pod - Shannon Devine has been posting to the Forum on the OWA website every Monday. She would like a method of notifying members that new information is posted to Forum.

Public Service Pod - Cami White & Rachel Slonicki reported on the OWA award of $1000 scholarship to an ACE student. A Mosswood Park volunteer day was attended by Cami and Judy Rowe.

Mentorship & Scholarship Pod - Karlene Gullone wants to plan a kickoff in 2012 for linking mentors with mentees at an Academy of Art presentation.

40th Anniversary Pod - Gilda Puente-Peters and 3 other members, Betty Woo, Mui Ho & Leslie Golden, have been planning the 2013 celebration to feature the uniqueness of the OWA organization. The events will include :
• all-day symposium that will include the "State of Design Education and the Future of Architectural Practice", and "Energy and the Practice of Green Architecture" in April 2013
• A Gala party, dinner and dance in March 2013
• A Bay to Breakers OWA race entry- May 2013
• A Cruise trip, date TBD

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