Newsletter | May/Jun 2012

OWA 40th Anniversary Report

by Gilda Puente-Peters

For the last year, the OWA 40th Anniversary Celebration Committee has been planning for activities to commemorate this important milestone for the Organization. We want to include a variety of events throughout 2013 to give our members, former members, and friends of the organization the opportunity to participate in as many events as planned. Our goal is to offer choices that will live up to the diverse interest of our members as well as accommodate their busy schedules.

A first draft of our 40th Anniversary Schedule is here for viewing by the membership. Please Have a look - it includes a sneak-preview of the 40th Anniversary Video.

As we get closer to the events, we will be soliciting volunteers to work on both the preparation of the events as well as participating in the events itself. We look forward to your support and collaboration to celebrate our anniversary.

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