Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2012

Christie Coffin reports from India

Christie Coffin Reports from India

by Eliza Hart

Lakshmi and Sudha in Singapore

Christie Coffin writes: "I have brought two other women architects from California, OWA member Lakshmi Nair and Sudha Hajela, to work with Aravind Eye Care System and Design Collaborative in India to develop a conceptual design for a new 528 bed Aravind Eye Hospital in Channai, India during July. We have toured 10 hospitals with the Aravind design team and are now hard at work. See more about Aravind at and Seva, our US sponser at Aravind and Seva are dedicated to ending preventable blindness." from Pondicherry, India

Christie has more photos from Pondicherry here.

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