Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2012

Alfa Freysdóttir Shares her Thesis

by Alfa Freysdottir

OWA member Alfa Freysdóttir graduated from Academy of Art University this month with a master of fine arts. Congratulations Alfa! She has sent this thesis statement and images for us to share:

Deciding on my thesis project was a quick and easy process for me. It was important to me to take on a project that would be beneficial for the community using it, which made me think of the place I grew up in. The town has struggled financially. To keep people from moving away it needs a boost in its economy. Deciding on the town, I immediately thought of the building, standing empty in a stunning location. Talking about the project with my family, the mayor of the town, and townspeople made me more certain of this project, as everyone encouraged me to take on this challenge.

Aegisdjup Cultural Center is a center for history, culture, art and nature. The past, present, and future meet in the center which symbolizes the transformation our society has undertaken from the first settlers until today. The center seeks to promote a cultural awareness in this unique environment by presenting nature, history, culture, and art all in one place.

Aegisdjup is located in Merry Bay in the town of area around Djupivogur, in South East Iceland. The town's hallmark has been to rebuild and preserve old buildings great emphasis on the beauty and uniqueness of the town's setting. The town owns an extensive collection of natural objects, such as birds stones, historic objects, and art. It is in desperate need of a place to display these items for people to enjoy and learn from. What better place to do than in an empty fish rendering factory Baeoslan in beautiful Merry Bay?

The new name I have chosen for the center, Aegisdjup, comes from the waters that the Vikings sailed through to settle in Iceland. The name is compound from the name of the god of the ocean in Norse mythology Aegir, and djup, which means "deep". The word "djup" also makes up half of the name of the town, Djupivogur, "deep bay:'

The concept for the project is how past, present, and future can all meet in one place. Aegisdjup Cultural Center will display the entire history of the area around Djupivogur, its nature in stones, birds and other natural object. It will also display old art by locals and new art will be created in the center for future people to enjoy. Additionally, the center will serve as an educative venue for the future. Past, present, and future will be reflected in the design of the building, both exterior and interior so the building itself will be a part of the journey through time. Local materials, shapes and forms from the surrounding nature will create a contemporary building inspired by traditional materials, methods, shapes, and patterns.

Through an extensive cultural program with exhibitions, performing arts, local food, and education the visitor will experience the entire cultural background of Djupivogur all in one place.

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