Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2013

Report on the OWA 40th Anniversary Gala
by Joanne Winship

The OWA 40th Anniversary Gala was celebrated on March 16, 2013 at Julia Morganís Berkeley City Club. More than 100 member and friends dined and danced the night away to Latin rhythms and many other music favorites. The evening commenced with a jazz group arranged by Cameron White followed by a fine dinner. The dinner tables were graced with towers of beautiful flowers designed and arranged by Betty Woo and her crew. A printed program history was compiled and edited by Jean Nilsson. The table cards featuring renowned women architects and nametags were crafted by Phoebe Bressack and Viole McMahon. Invitations and reservations were handled by Rachel Slonicki. Janet Crane and Karlene Gullone co-hosted the program that highlighted the history and future opportunities for OWA accompanied by a video brought together by Leslie Golden. Salsa lesson followed and set the stage for a night of dancing. Special thanks go to Gilda Puente-Peter, chair of the 40th Anniversary Committee and committee members Betty Woo, Leslie Golden, and Mui Ho. There were many more members and spouses who contributed to the Gala, and their efforts are much appreciated.

Gala images were captured by photographer Sabrina Bot and a website has been created to view them. Members can log into the OWA website and go to the Forum where the website link is provided.

Betty Woo and the flower crew at Gilda Puente-Peters' house