Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2013

Steering Committee Candidate Statements

by Eliza Hart, Ed.
Carolyne Orazi, Landscape Architect

Carolyne Orazi earned her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning in 2006 in conjunction with a two-year certificate program in Restoration Ecology from the University’s College of Forestry. She is currently working for Jay Thayer Landscape Architects on high-end residential projects in the Bay Area. After school Carolyne moved back to her home in the Bay Area where she worked for a commercial landscape architecture firm on urban infill projects until 2008. In 2009, she moved to England and worked with the non-profit plant conservation organisation Botanic Gardens Conservation International at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London. Most recently she has completed the Bay Friendly Landscape training and is a Bay Friendly Qualified Professional. She sits on the Board of American Society of Landscape Architects Northern California Chapter and has been an OWA member since 2008. She has authored several articles on landscape architecture for the OWA, ASLA, and The Gab Report.

Lucia Bogatay, Architect

Lucia Bogatay graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in History of Art, and received her Master of Architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1969. She is registered in California, and has practiced here since graduation founding her own firm in 1979. Her interest in preservation began with work on adaptive reuse projects. During four years as a member of the San Francisco Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board, Bogatay reviewed countless projects for their conformance with San Francisco's preservation ordinance and the Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines for Historic Preservation. Since 1994, she has evaluated and provided written critiques of projects undertaken by the Park Service, and the Presidio Trust, participating actively in their NEPA and NHPA compliance efforts, As a member of the Board for the Presidio Historical Association she designed a history museum alternative to the proposed art museum for the Main Post, and commented on numerous other undertakings in the Presidio. She has participated on various committees and non profit boards, served on juries, written articles and made numerous presentations, and received awards for projects. She currently serves on the board of the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, and is on the Boards of Presidio Historical Association, and the Community Music Center, both in San Francisco, and was formerly on the board of the Long Beach Opera. Her architectural practice is small, and her interest in making pottery is on the rise. Her primary purpose in joining the OWA Steering Committee is to contribute whatever she can to an organization she helped to found and to get to know a new generation of talented women.

Mary Javadi, Interior Designer

I have recently completed my Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Montreal in Canada. My interests and expertise are in hospitality, commercial, corporate and residential design. Prior to attending design school, I also received a Bachelor of French Language from Concordia University in Canada.

After moving to the Bay Area in summer 2013, I joined OWA and began to learn more about this organization and its activities. During the OWA retreat in September 2013, I had the opportunity to meet many members of the organization and learn more about OWA goals. As a new college graduate, I enjoyed very much the experience of communicating with senior women architects and designers and also making friends with young members of OWA. Therefore, I decided to become more involved with OWA events. I heard about the steering committee in the retreat and would like to serve on this committee as of February 2014 in order to contribute towards the organisation's goal to support women both in their personal and professional life.

Patricia Haight, Architect

This year’s retreat was my first ever event with OWA...I was strongly encouraged by Eliza Hart to attend.

After spending roughly 24 hours with over 30 other woman architects/designers; I knew this was an organization that I felt comfortable in and could see the potential networking, professional friendships and over all good time that could be had by being involved with the organization. On Saturday evening when the call went out for volunteers to serve on the steering committee; I made my decision to join up based on the woman currently serving on the Committee that would be staying on, and also based on the other woman volunteering to fill open slots. With two openings left, I raised my hand; with a special interest in taking over the newsletter.

By being on the Steering Committee I imagine I will have an accelerated entry into the Organization and form a quick bond with the other Committee members. With a diverse cross section of backgrounds and experiences, I want to keep the organization relevant to us all and strengthen and secure membership of emerging professionals.

I sincerely am excited about serving the organization members; I look forwards to the next two years as a member of OWA and the added honor of serving on the Steering Committee.

Allison Kinst

I grew up in the east bay before moving to southern California for college. Some of my design interests include; education, urban design, environmental psychology, sustainability and transportation. A few hobbies outside of architecture include; art, photography, travel, and running. As an undergrad I attended the University of California Irvine, earning two bachelors degrees in Environmental Analysis and Design, and Psychology. After graduating from UCI I attended the University of Oregon where I earned a Master of Architecture degree. I moved to China in April 2012 to take a job with an architecture firm in Beijing. After a year in China I moved back to the Bay Area and have been working at an environmental graphics firm since June. Soon after I moved back I joined the OWA because I was very eager to make some new social connections after being away for a year and because I wanted to participate in the mentoring program. I attended the mentoring event hoping to come away with some advice and guidance on navigating my career in a tough economy and transitioning back to the US job market. I came away from the event with so much more than that; I felt incredibly inspired and uplifted after meeting and speaking with the amazing, accomplished women who attended the mentoring event and later, the OWA Retreat. In the short time I have been an OWA member I have felt so welcome, and buoyed by the open and inclusive spirit of the OWA. As a steering committee member one of my goals would be to support increased membership and participation from students and emerging professionals so that other women just starting out in their careers can benefit from the same support that I have experienced as an OWA member. I strongly believe in the importance of the OWA’s mission and the support it offers our community. I would be honored to have the opportunity to give back to this incredible organization, by serving on the steering committee.

Judith Corbett

    I have an MS in Ecology and my interest and expertise is in urban design, sustainability and local government land use policy. My involvement in the design and development of Village Homes in the late seventies, still a model for sustainable development, led me to found and serve as executive director of the Local Government Commission. The Commission's Ahwahnee Principles for more livable, resource-efficient communities serve as the framework for educating local elected officials about better land use policy. Several well-known architects assisted the drafting of the Principles including Andres Duany, Liz Platter--Zyberk, and Peter Calthorpe, and we have gone on to inspire the national "Smart Growth" and New Urbanist movements.

    I am fascinated by architecture and architects, a result of my involvement in the architectural education of my husband and my son. My own degree is a Masters in Human Ecology. I have received two national awards for my work from the American Planning Association - but I don't have a planning degree either. I tend to follow the road less traveled!

    I am cutting back my responsibilities with the Local Government Commission and looking to expand my circle of friends and learn and do new things. This has drawn me back to my fascination with architects and architecture. OWA members are an inspiring group of women who have also taken the road less traveled and overcome great obstacles to pursue your dreams. You are a fascinating group with whom I would like to become more engaged. While I live in Davis, my daughter lives in Berkeley, and I already spend a lot of time in the Bay Area. Attending OWA meetings would be both convenient and a pleasure.

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