Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2014

2014 Steering Committee

The new steering committee for 2014 began working together in January. Current members are: (clockwise from bottom-left) Esin Karliova, Patricia Haight, Lucia Bogatay, Charlayne Sakamoto, Allison Kinst, Caroline Orazi, and Jean Nilsson. Note that our names above are links to our profiles where you can get to know us and also contact us.

Steering Committee members work together, but also each take on a primary responsibility. Esin will focus on Public Relations, Patty and Carolyne on Programs, Lucia on Information, Charlayne on Membership, Allison on Policy and Procedures, and Jean on the Newsletter. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

A warm thank you to outgoing steering committee members Rosemary Muller, Cammy White, Rachel Slonicki, and Eliza Hart for their service over the last two years and their many contributions to our group.

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