Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2014

Sept 12-14 Weekend -- 2014 Annual Retreat

by Jean Nilsson, Ed.

We're lookng forward to enjoying another annual weekend retreat at the beautiful Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma September 12-14, with a theme this year of "Empowering Improvisation". Participants, please take time to fill out your Questionnaire (in the information packet Janet Crane emailed us) and bring copies for everyone.

Also, please remember to bring back your completed, or in-progress, sketchbooks to share. Last year's 40th anniversary retreat, "Celebrating our Work and Ourselves", was especially memorable as many OWA members presented their own work and professional journeys. Long time member Judy Rowe encouraged us all to continue drawing (hands-eyes-minds) and provided each of us with a lovely sketchbook and pen, as well a thought-provoking article on the role of drawing as a critical part of the thought process of architectural design.

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