Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2014

Julia Morgan's 2014 AIA Gold Medal Conferral

by Sandhya Sood and Jean Nilsson, Ed.

Sandhya Sood's Tribute to Julia Morgan

OWA member and Principal of Accent Architecture+Design, Sandhya Sood, AIA, a member of Julia Morgan's AIA Gold Medal nomination team, was invited by the AIA California Council to write a tribute to Julia Morgan, FAIA, at the occasion of her AIA Gold Medal Conferral at the 2014 AIA national convention in Chicago on June 28. Sandhya's interview and insights on Julia Morgan's work were also featured in the video Celebrating Morgan's Enduring Legacy.

In her tribute "Julia Morgan, FAIA: California's Gold", Sandhya writes, "Morgan focused on climate responsive design, material conditions and spatial efficiency. In her mind, this approach could facilitate essential qualities that make buildings work, adapt and endure. . . By incorporating passive design, Morgan created sustainable spaces that benefit human lives through wellness, good indoor environmental quality and adaptability to changes in use."

I especially appreciated Sandhya's concluding remarks that "Modest, quiet, unassuming women do not make history, they say. And now, as the first woman to receive the AIA Gold Medal Award, Morgan (1872-1957) has once again shattered a barrier, welcoming others of her kind to follow suit."

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