Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2014

Steering Committee Candidate Statements
by the candidates

We have three members who have volunteered to serve on the Steering Committee. Here are their statements (ordered by length, and coincidentally, last name -Ed.):

Sharon Chio
Hi, Everyone. I am Sharon Chio. I was very glad to join the OWA in September. During the retreat, I was very impressed by everyone’s personality. I feel like learning more about the organization; at the same time, I would like to use my abilities to do whatever I can to help.

A bit of information about myself: I came from Macau, China. I have studied Interior Design at Academy of Art University. After I graduated, I had an internship with Steinberg Architects for half a year. Now I am working part-time with an architect, as well as studying at West Valley College for an architecture program. My goal is to get a master’s degree in Architecture. For leisure time, I like to run, hike with friends, cook, or try out different restaurants! Thank you. Hope to see you guys again soon.

Naomi Horowitz
I am Naomi Horowitz, a licensed architect. I received my Master of Architecture degree from MIT in 2005 and have since worked for architecture firms in San Francisco, Berkeley and Walnut Creek on projects ranging from home remodels to medical clinics to multifamily housing and neighborhood redevelopment projects. More recently, I have started up my own architecture firm and look forward to pursuing my ambitions of building a user-centered, research-based practice.

Currently, most of my free time is devoted to my hilarious, fierce, curly-headed baby boy, but I also enjoy good food, the beautiful California outdoors, and good books (usually about language or neurology).

OWA is a remarkable community, a rare place where we can share both our aspirations and our struggles, in the confidence that our fellow members will offer support, both practical and emotional. After 2+ years of membership, and 3 inspiring retreats, it would be an honor to join the Steering Committee and take a more active role in ensuring a vibrant future for the OWA.

Gloria Kim Woo
Dear OWA members,
Hello. My name is Gloria Kim Woo and I had the pleasure of meeting some of you at the recent OWA retreat. Though it was my first event with OWA, I was honestly blown away by the community and professionalism that this organization fosters and felt immediately welcome. Thank you for that. It would be my honor to serve on the steering committee while continuing to build relationships both within and out of the group.

I am open to helping out in various areas, but my interest is in developing public relations, increasing visibility, and growing membership. Too many of my colleagues that would benefit from this group have unfortunately never heard of OWA. In addition, busy architects and designers often need reminders and encouragement to participate, so strategic visibility is critical. I am convinced that OWA is a unique and valuable resource for women in our field and I would like to help develop and implement strategies to share this with others. I know this move is already underway and I am very optimistic of what we can accomplish in the next few years.

Here's a bit about my background. I am a 35 year old architect, registered in New York and California; wife to my love Roy Woo; and mother of a mostly wonderful 15-month-old boy Casper. I was born and raised in Oakland, where my parents still live. My sister, Grace, lives in Seattle and works as a real estate appraiser. I went to Cornell University for a BArch and then lived and worked in New York City, first at dbox doing digital illustration, and then at CDR Studio working on a variety of architectural projects.

We moved back to Oakland in 2010, where I worked at Andrew Mann Architecture practicing single family residential, a typology I love. I am currently expanding the scope of my work at SOM with the Interiors group in a larger office setting working on projects including the SF VA Memorial Hospital, Samsung Research Towers, and Transbay Block 9 Development. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, hiking, camping, yoga, welding, and making things.

I hope to get to know all of you better and thank you for considering me for a position on the steering committee. Not only would it be a great opportunity for me to stay committed and involved personally, but if I can do this while serving and growing the organization, it would be my pleasure. Please feel free to contact me with any questions: or 646-267-7914.
Best regards, Gloria