Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2014

Fifty Women Architects and Design Professionals Gathered for 2014 Retreat

Women in Architecture 1974-2014: Nov 7-9, WashU St Louis

by Jean Nilsson, Ed.

1974 Symposium pin by Elise Friedman Shapiro, from webite

It's not just California and New York where Equity in Architecture conversations are happening. Washington University in St Louis is holding a Women in Architecture 1974 I 2014 Symposium on the 40th anniversary of their 1974 Symposium when "students, scholars, and practitioners from across the country came to Washington University in St. Louis to have courageous conversations about the status of women in architecture and allied fields. On the 40th anniversary of this symposium, there are many achievements to celebrate, questions yet to answer, and compelling reasons to continue the conversation."

Nasrine Seraji, Founding Partner of Atelier Seraji, Paris, will give the keynote address: As a Woman I Have No Country, As a Woman My Country Is the World of Architecture.

The agenda includes Panels on: Feminisms: Now and Then; Crossing Boundaries: Exploring shifting demographics; Women in Architectural a major force in design education; and Women in Design Practice: Celebrating women's achievements as practitioners, acknowledging the persistent leadership gap for women between education and practice, and identifying the ways we can transform the industry to eliminate the gap.

The Symposium will also feature Conversations On Practice, including: Negotiation; Work/Life Integration; Working with Diversity; Running a Practice; Navigating a Complex Firm; Mentors & Mentoring; and Studio Culture.

This 3-day symposium is free and open to the public. For more information, or to register for this Symposium, visit:
Thank you to Inge Horton for bringing this symposium to our attention. If any of you are interested and able to attend, please report back to us.

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