Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2014

Missing 32% Symposium, San Francisco Art Institute, October 2014. photo: Jen Tai

Sarah Moos Finalist in Curbed Young Guns Community Builders Competition

by Jean Nilsson, Ed.

"Los Cerritos Wetlands," Sarah Moos

Sarah Moos, Associate Landscape Architect and Urban Designer at Bionic in San Francisco and OWA member, was selected as a finalist for Curbed Young Guns of 2014.

Their website states that Sarah finds it "fascinating to meet people from the community to see what their day-to-day lives are like, and to understand how their environment can be improved. The ability to capture, reuse, and store water, and thinking creatively about landscapes that can do that while still providing the open space amenities that we want them to, will be increasingly important in the future. It keeps it interesting and invigorating to be working at those different scales."

Congratulations to Sarah. Click on the "Meet the Curbed Young Guns Finalists: the Community Builders" link to view her work and that of other candidates. The final selection will be made in December.

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