Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2015

Editor's Comments

by The Editor

The annual Holiday Party took place on December 6, 2014, which already seems a very long time ago! Our usual caterer was not available, but our hostess (also this editor) provided someone who did a splendid job. Thanks to the smooth operation of the caterer, I had a good time too. Esin Karlova found us a wonderful jazz pianist who played for hours, and, it turned out, he is also an architect. As with most parties, people got to know new people, talk to old friends, and all enjoyed themselves tremendously. I was particularly pleased that Ann Sullivan and her husband came early thinking it would too difficult for her (she was in a wheel chair) but happily, they stayed until the end! We collected a bag of items for Hamilton House, and several checks which I dropped off to them.

The review below was sent me in an email by a friend who always writes up the movies he sees and sends them to his friends and acquaintances. This was the first one he had ever sent that had three red chilles decorating it in the email chille column! Sandy Miller organized an expedition to Opera Plaza and a bunch of us went to see it. We highly recommend it!

The editor needs ideas and/or documents suitable for future issues. Among the articles we would like to get are profiles or short autobiographies of current members (illustrated), or monographs on a particular project a member has designed (with pictures), or an opinion piece about an important public issue, building, or architectural matter.

Thanks for your help! The Editor

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