Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2015

In Memory of Sigrid Lorenzen-Rupp

by Uta Lorenzen-Rascon

In Sigrid’s own words, "I'd like to be remembered for dissenting when everyone else thought it easier to go with the grain even when the grain was wrong. I'd like to be remembered for being a competent architect who did competent work, a competent painter who did competent painting and someone who told good stories. I've enjoyed almost everything I [did], but nothing is enough and time (life) is too short."

Over 10 years later since her passing and Sigrid is still present in our memories, and I think of her daily. Even more so now that I've started working at UC Berkeley as an academic advisor for undergraduate architecture majors. Every morning I walk up the steps of Wurster Hall and I pass by her name etched on the wall. I remember her as an inspiring, humorous, strong-willed, creative and passionate Aunt that served as a strong role model.

She had an inspiring sense of design and creativity, and always had amazing stories to tell about a far off location she had just returned from. Please take a moment and reflect on Sigrid’s life and work, and perhaps toast a glass of champagne in her honor (Sigrid’s favorite!).

As Sigrid noted in her one of her many travel journals, “Buildings speak for themselves, the people are secondary . . . indeed, as the original builder of Chenonceau pointed out: ‘If I build this – and finish it – I will be remembered,' and so he is, and so he is.” And so she is, and so she is.

Chateau de Chenonceau, Photo from World Castles Wallpaper

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