Newsletter | May/Jun 2015

Editor's Comments

by Lucia Bogatay

The Rotunda of St Martin, photo by L. Bogatay

Dear Readers: In my travels I like to do water colors of the places I visit. I lost a dear friend to cancer early this year, but over the past few years, I had made several visits to see her and her family in the Czech Republic.

Last year I made a trip to Prague and my wonderful host and hostess organized interesting trips around the town and in the countryside, to places which were not normally inundated by tourists. Once we visited the deer moat around Prague Castle, and of course Vysehrad, the site of a medieval Slavic encampment and early settlement. In the Czech National Revival, Vysehrad became a symbol of Czech history, and a famous cemetery is located there. The view of the City of Prague from its ramparts above the Vlatava River is lovely, and the park is very calm and quiet. The photo is of the Rotunda of St Martin, the oldest standing structure in Vysehrad, probably from the 10th Century.

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