Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2015

Editor's Comments

This issue is devoted to a single article by another long time OWA member. The topic is also close to my heart since I too was a friend of Nancy Florence, a rare and wonderful architect, and of the author, Bobbie Sue Hood. It has been a privilege to go through life with such talented architects and wonderful women. The OWA has been and continues to be central to our knowing each other and appreciating such pioneering women architects who were part of a vital movement for women's' rights in architecture from the 1970's. It also allows us all to meet new generations of talented women who will carry on the effort.

The Retreat is coming up on the weekend of September 18th, and there are two places left for last minute members. If interested, please contact:
Janet Crane, Freebairn-Smith and Crane
Planning, Urban Design, Architecture
442 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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