Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2015

Art Project at the 2015 Retreat, photo by Jean Nilsson

Notes from the Editor

Dear Readers,

One of the benefits of being Steering Committee members is free attendance of the OWA/DP Retreat! It is hard to over-estimate the pleasures of that wonderful event. For me, the companionship of many intelligent and accomplished women is one of the biggest pleasures. The Retreat also offers an interesting topic, an art project, exercise and a healing atmosphere for our hardworking members. Westerbeck Ranch is delightful. It is a 1920's creation by the grandfather of the current owner, built in a relaxed Mexican style. The educational and physical challenges brought on by trying to learn a new dance are a regular feature. This year, it was the Samba. A rapid Darwinian process quickly eliminated those of us with extra left feet, and we watched spellbound by the 12 or so remaining dancers, who really knew how to do it! The Band was great.

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