Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2015

Art Project at the 2015 Retreat, photo by Jean Nilsson

Dare to Discuss Gender: Book Circle #11

by Wendy Bertrand
Tuesday November 3, 2015 5:35 to 7:25 pm OWA Book Circle to meet at San Francisco Public Library (Contact Wendy 707 218-7946)

We will discuss topics from Gender Intelligence by Barbara Annis & Keith Merron (Harpers & Collins, 2014) OPEN TO ALL.

The authors highlight research evidence from brain structures, functions, and hormone chemistries and claim they are reliable indicators of common gender behavior tendencies. Annis and Merron argue that rather than force-fit what’s not authentic, let’s understand some basic biological factors like how women and men communicate, listen, solve problems, make decisions, handle emotions, deal with conflict, and manage stress differently. Understanding, valuing, and paying attention to each others ways of doing is helpful. In fact, the most successful, satisfying, and profitable businesses employe equal numbers of men and women at every level of the organization for the complementary results of gender difference. In spite of the evidence, as we in OWA know, architectural firms have been slow to embrace this concept.

It follows, that not only do we need to be gender intelligent as individuals, but also as design professionals with influence to translate social considerations into meaningful planning, programming and designing of buildings and places.

Come to the 4th floor Sycip Room located next to the Page Desk of the San Francisco Public Library, 100 Larkin Street Steps away from the Civic Center BART and Muni stations (enter at 30 Grove Street and proceed to elevator or stairs).

About the building from the San Francisco Public Library Website
Note that the lead Architect Cathy Simon was a founding member of the Organization of Women Architects & Design Professionals (1973) and still practices today in the area.

No food will be served but for those hungry, we will go to a nearby restaurant afterward.

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