Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2016

Official Business

by Gloria Kim and Naomi Horowitz
Annual Business Meeting

We thank everyone who took the time to come to the business meeting and help make some big decisions. As usual, the two main items of business were election of Steering Committee members and approval of the budget.

The following members were elected to the steering committee:
Cynthia Bathgate, Rebecca Friedberg, Carol Mancke, Aziza Zare

The following members are continuing their term:
Sharon Chio, Naomi Horowitz, Gloria Kim

We thank the following members, whose terms have ended, for all their work on behalf of the OWA+DP:
Lucia Bogatay, Patty Haight, Allison Kinst, Carolyne Orazi

The steering committee presented to the membership an ambitious budget, with funds allocated for a number of new initiatives. In response to debate at the meeting, the budget was revised to be more conservative in a number of categories until priorities have been more clearly set. The visioning retreat, described below, will be a critical opportunity to attain this focus.

Visioning Retreat

The Steering Committee is currently organizing a retreat titled "Realizing Our Potential" in early March for current and past leadership of the group. We aim to set up specific action items for current and future leaders so we can strengthen our organization and ultimately provide the best possible benefits to our members.

The idea of a visioning retreat emerged last year through discussions from the logo pod, steering committee, annual retreat, and recent business meeting. The general membership agreed that an event dedicated to setting long and short term goals to guide leadership would be useful.

We are pleased to have Loren Sherman as a special guest who will help lead and facilitate the event. She is organizing a short survey in preparation for this event that you may have seen in your email inbox (If not, look out for it soon!). We highly value all opinions of our membership and hope you will take the time to participate. We anticipate a productive retreat and look forward to sharing our findings with the group.

Looking for more details about Steering Committee meetings? Please note that all approved meeting minutes can be viewed by logged-in members on the website at
You can also see current names and positions of Steering Committee members at

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