Newsletter | May/Jun 2016


Members News

Galen Cranz gave a keynote address "Renaturalizing the City" to the joint conference of the European Association for Architectural Education and the Architectural Research Centers Consortium on June 16, 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal. Her only previous visit to Lisbon was in 2005 on a return from the Cape Verde Islands to Italy when the connecting flight was delayed about a half day. A woman kindly invited Galen to her family's apartment to sleep for 4 hours, which she did, so she hadn't really seen Lisbon before, and told us that this time she was looking forward to visiting the city and its Roman ruins, and experiencing Siza's work.

Welcome New Members

We welcome the following members who recently joined OWA+DP:
Hannah Chatham
Riko Yoshida

We hope you will get involved, come to events, and get to know your fellow members.

We also thank everyone who has renewed their membership in the last two months.

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