Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2018

OWA + DP presents #Me Too

by By Bridget Basham/ Spring Friedlander

Join professional women and men in July for a facilitated conversation around the following topics:
• Celebrating/ demonstrating behavior worthy of modelling
• Stories of Harassment
• Disrupting a Toxic Work Culture

Featured guests to help ground the conversation through sharing their own experiences, while attendees are invited to express themselves with colored paper and pens, producing a mapping of the discussion
throughout the day.
The workshop will be concluded with a visioning exercise and an initial list of resources for support.

How to help:
If you have an interest in coordinating submittals and helping to identify themes relevant to us as design professionals, please contact either Spring Friedlander ( or Bridget
Basham (
) and include "#Me Too" in the subject heading.

If you would like to share your stories with us, (anonymous submissions are welcome, but do indicate your preference), please email:

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