Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2018

OWA Mixer at Farley's East

by Maryam Moayery Nia
OWA had an event at Farley's East at Oakland, on Thursday April 19th, 2018. It was a great social event where the older and newer generations of OWA members could meet in a casual setting.

From steering committee Bridget Basham, Helen Vasquez and Maryam Moayey Nia were at the meeting. They talked about OWA policies and benefits with the new members and then about the upcoming events.

Shown in the photo below from right to left Rachel Slonicki, Retreat Administrator, Maryam Moayey Nia (Steering Committee (SC) Newsletter), Genevieve Marsh, new member living in Auburn, Natalie Haydon-Hawkins, who found us on Facebook and works in San Francisco, Helen Vasquez (SC Membership), Bridget Basham (SC Programs), and Wendy Bertrand, long time member were photographed by rejoining past member Josephine Ortega.

Also Rachel Slonicki, Retreat Administrator, described the retreat event for the new members and talked about the 2018 retreat program.
At the end all of the attendees introduced themselves. They talked about their backgrounds, current positions and projects.

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