Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2019

Upcoming event: OWA business forum

We are excited to announce that we will have a business forum on Tuesday 26th, from 7 -9pm. The focus of the forum is centered around the question, "how do you structure your business to support your values?"

In this forum, panelists from around the Bay Area will discuss how they came to structure/ how they hope to structure their business based on their individual and professional values. The business structures relevant to the Architectural Profession that will be discussed include B Corporations, Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPS), and Cooperatives.

The Organization of Women Architects and Design Professionals' mission is to support women designers in all aspects of their professional and personal life. This event is proudly mission-oriented. Together with our guests Renaissance Entrepreneurship Richmond, we strive to support and provide opportunities for women and minorities into leadership positions and financial independence.

This event is open to all.

More information coming soon.

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