Newsletter | May/Jun 2019

IAWA meeting

IAWA Collections Archivist, Samantha Winn and Director of Special Collections and Archivist, Aaron Purcell, PH.D. came to San Francisco to consult OWA members how to preserve their work records and donate them to an archive. A great number of members attended the meeting. They gave an introductory presentation and talked about their work in promoting and managing the collections.
This meeting was organized with the archivists by OWA+DP members Inge Horton and Wendy Bertrand, women (and men) architects around the San Francisco Bay area were invited and about half those attending were from OWA+DP. Several articles appear about this meeting in previous OWA+DP newsletters if you missed it.
The archivists visited several members in their home who desired extra attention with preparing their collection for donation to the IAWA.

The International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) was established in 1985 as a joint program of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the University Libraries at Virginia Tech. The purpose of the Archive is to document the history of women's contributions to the built environment by collecting, preserving, and providing access to the records of women's architectural organizations and the professional papers of women architects, landscape architects, designers, architectural historians and critics, and urban planners. For more information on how and what to donate please go here.

If you couldn't be able to attend the event, you can contact Samantha for more information.
Sam Winn, Archivist
Phone: 540-231-7486

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