Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2019

WIA Exhibit 2020

Initiating from the OWA+DP platform, members Naomi Horowitz and Bridget Basham have commenced planning an exhibit on Bay Area Women in Architecture, which we hope will become a recurrent event. Our primary goal is to raise public awareness for Women Architects and broaden the understanding/ appreciation of Architecture in general. There is also a strong desire to attract a more diverse range of voices to our profession, facilitated via conscious educational/ event planning. In order to do justice to this ambition, we need your help!

To bring focus and coherence to the exhibit, we have selected a theme. Given that this is the inaugural exhibit we thought that the theme “Life-cycle of a Woman in Architecture” would be relevant. Our hope is that this theme provides opportunities to inject humor and playfulness into such a weighty subject through graphics and games. We also have some preliminary ideas about logistics, including venues and related events. However, we want more voices than ours in developing the program, and it will take the efforts of more of us to pull this together. If you or are inspired to help strategize, have graphic design/ photography/ or other relevant skills, or ideas about who could contribute stories or architectural ephemera, we want you to join our WIA Exhibit Steering Committee.

We are planning to jump-start this effort with an “Introductory” conference call on or around Monday September 16th. We have provided an initial timeline below to give you a sense of the 2019 planning schedule.


· 09/16//2019 Introductory/ 1st Planning call
· Due 09/13/2019 Create Flyer OWADP Retreat
· 09/24/2019 2nd Planning call
· 09/30/2019 Finalize preliminary budget
· 10/12/2019 Pre-Business Plan - present program/ budget WIA Exhibit 2020
· 10/22/2019 Business Meeting - program/ budget approved
· 10/28/2019 Regroup/ budget report-out/ create schedule
· 05/2020 WIA Exhibit 2020

Please write to indicating your/ others' interest and we'll issue a doodle poll following.

Hoping that we may collaborate!

Naomi Horowitz and Bridget Basham

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