Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2020

A note from your Editor

by Mui Ho

Sculpture by Yayoi Kusama, Naoshima Island

During the January 2020 OWA Steering committee meeting, I was pleased to volunteer to take on the editorship of our newsletter for this calendar year. Betty Woo on the Steering Committee has offered to help. Our online newsletter is one of the most expedient way to communicate with our members, to update members on meetings and programs, and to archive the events, interests, and activities of the membership. Publishing newsletters has come a long way since the days of typewritten articles “cut-and-paste” onto one-page and photocopied at commercial copy centers; then folded with postage stamped, bundled for postal pickup. From the onset, the newsletter reached many women architects across different offices who would not have been able to learn about this organization. And the newsletter serves members from afar or with busy schedules and cannot attend meetings. Fifty years ago, women architects working in the Bay Area were no different from international students in an American colleges-many were isolated, eager to meet each other and could learn about each other through the newsletter.

Today six issues are published a year and we welcome all of you to contribute a one- to two-page article or narrative on one or more of the following topical areas of interest. These topics are offered informally with the intention of providing suggestions to spur ideas to help us continue the voice and experience of our members.

Programs: What programs you have done with the OWA? What was a pivotal reminiscence with the organization or its members? What is your story as an architect in the community?

Professional or Policy Issues: How to diversify your skills for the broader marketplace, in the U.S. and internationally? Can you offer experience with issues relating to hitting the glass ceiling? The opportunities and challenges of moving to different type of practice? How to stay involved (or not) if retirement is on the horizon?

Teaching and Practice: What are students looking for in architectural firms? What are firms looking for in interns or recent graduates? How to teach/offer courses in professional schools? How did you start your own office? How to apply for a teaching position?

Addressing the Environment: Are there ways that you have changed your practice to address relevant environmental issues? Have a project to share that demonstrates excellent performance? Any recent tools that you’ve used or learned that you want everyone to know about?

There will be a comment section following in the Newsletter for readers to offer brief thoughts related to OWA, the profession, or related to our lives as women professionals.

We hope this new Newsletter format will serve a simpler way for members to keep in touch, learn about each other, and connect with those with similar interests. Once I receive an article from you, it will be formatted and uploaded along with other articles to our newsletter page.

Dearlines for 2020 Newsletter :
Mar/Apr Issue - 25 April 2020
May/Jun Issue - 25 May 2020
Jul /Aug Issue - 25 July 2020
Sep/Oct Issue - 25 Sept 2020
Nov/Dec Issue - 25 Nov 2020

Please send articles, questions and / or comments to

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