Newsletter | May/Jun 2020

Lockdown as a defining event of our lives

by Leslie Golden

2019 OWA retreat

My personal experience during this period of lockdown has been pleasant and I realize how privileged I am to be retired at this time in my life. My thoughts go out to everyone in the working community. This will be the defining event in all our lives but financially hardest on those with the least.

With this in mind, I and my family have continued to pay all the people who have provided their services to us on a monthly basis and we shared our stimulus check with all the people who provided services for us during the year and donated the rest to the food banks. It’s time to take care of those people who have taken care of us and those less fortunate.

My current diversions include gardening, playing duplicate bridge on line (life master is in my future sometime), practicing my watercolor (thanks Judy Rowe), exercising on my elliptical machine (thinking about it more than doing it) and coordinating with neighbors to mitigate the risk of future wildfires via zoom. I am so thankful that I moved my 94-year-old father in with us last year. It is a relief to have him here and safe.

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