Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2020

2010 OWA Christmas Party

Editor's Note

by Mui Ho

Many of us have been talking over the past couple years on OWA's future - where we are going, what we can do best to serve our members and how can we continue being relevant. We have learned and have made big strides for the past 47 years. We have evolved with the times and changes in our society. The first ten to twenty years, we eliminated major problems and issues and by 30 years, and have met most of our goals. At the same time, society has evolved and progressed making earlier concerns no longer issues for our members; unfair practices and working conditions have greatly improved. Basically many of concerns of gender discrimination been addressed and met. What we have faced in the last ten years are broader issues and subtler discriminations like the glass ceiling.

Similar to other non profit organizations this country, we are also becoming somewhat stagnant (see graph above). The life and viability of small non-profit organizations is often quite short. After meeting their immediate goals members either move on or become less involved and active. They have to spend more time with their work development and personal life. OWA falls into this predicament, but today we are still very viable to our members and going because we believe strongly in our original goals. The organization is interested in the development of the professional and personal life of our members. We made great friendships with other women that we might not have met that have lasted.

We are proud of our members' achievement and we are very happy about our collective OWA's accomplishments. We can continue to evolve to serve our small community of women architects and design professionals.

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