Newsletter | Sep/Oct 2020

Editor's Note

by Mui Ho

Clara Irazabal-Zurita, our speaker for the lecture program at our retreat last year, has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Scholar Awards for the 2020-2021 academic year. She will be spending her time in Costa Rica continuing her study of Venezuelan migration to Costa Rica, an extension of her prior studies of migration and planning in Latin America. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear her speak last year. Her talk was very inspiring and it is still resonates in my head. Looking forward, we always have our eye out for women who have made significant impacts in the area of planning and design to share their work with us. Please let our Steering Committee know if you hear of any exciting lectures or speakers who would be able to share their work with us.

Many of our members have been sending me heart-warming emails regarding how much they like learning about other members' activities, both at work and in their homes. They particularly liked seeing the innovative ways that other members created at-home workspaces while in lockdown. I highly encourage you to email me any pictures you may have, as well as a short paragraph of explanation, to share in our next newsletter.

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