Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2020

Aloha Quarantine Wedding

by Gennifer Muñoz

I moved my remote office to Hawaii between April and July in order to begin the preliminary design work on a new home that will be built on the Big Island. I rented a small house there, living by myself while I studied the site and worked with my clients on the initial planning stages for their home. The project is a dream for me, as I have spent a lot of time pursuing work on the island over the past few years. To have this finally come to fruition during Covid and a mandatory 2 week strict quarantine in Hawaii certainly complicates the matter.

My 3 month stay in Hawaii was punctuated in a wonderful way! Our plans for a May 16th big wedding with friends and family were unfortunately postponed, and so we decided to reschedule with a much-abbreviated version of the event on July 7. We were married at sunset on our favorite beach with 20 of our local friends that we’ve gathered over the years since we first spent time together on the island in 2015. Our families attended virtually on Zoom, and even my 94 year old grandma logged on at midnight from Virginia wearing her Hawaiian themed attire. It was not the wedding we originally had in mind, and we missed hugs from our loved ones, but we plan to throw a big party on the Island when things feel safe again. Aloha!

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