Newsletter | Nov/Dec 2020


by Joanne Chow Winship

I’ve been retired from project management and arts administration. Those years away from a work schedule prepared me for Covid-19’s shelter-in-place. I moved here from Vermont, a rural state, with a lifestyle that made growing vegetables and baking second nature, and kept me busy during these home days. For the past decade I had often thought about how we were slowly transitioning away from human interaction to a robot society with each new technological development, but now, overnight, here we are in our own separate bubbles with technology providing that important link to each other. Have you ever participated in 12 hour Zoom sessions? How about twice a week for a month? That’s what I did for the month of June with a National Geographic photographer and 10 other documentary photographers around the world as we developed personal visual stories of our shelter-in-place days.
My life was taken up (like most architects) with planning for the next project, and not allowing myself to enjoy the moment. Well, the moment is now, and I’m trying to enjoy it, and also act in ways to help others overcome the hurdles of life today. We have been fortunate to live during a time of peace, where elsewhere in the world and here too, there is much suffering.
For now, my companion dog provides immense enjoyment as I rack up 10,000 steps daily while we explore the city and he performs the tricks we’ve practiced. Our next act is a road trip in 2021 to the Midwest through the national parks. We’re looking for someone to ride shotgun. Anyone want to join us?

Joanne Chow Winship

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