Newsletter | Jan/Feb 2021

Editor's note:
by Mui Ho

Happy New Year!

This is the New Year and we should be looking forward to a new start and be hopeful. Unfortunately, we are going into our new year with trepidation. The storming of the capital by Trump's supporters confirmed our fear that our president is not playing by the rules. He cares about neither the country nor the people, he will continue making havoc to upset the structure of our society, divide us and undermine democracy. He encourages his supporters to be intolerant of differences.

With the distribution of the vaccine having begun, I hope most people in this country will be vaccinated by Fall and normal activities be resumed. This country has been taken by total surprise and unpreparedness by this pandemic. The price we paid is enormous and the pain suffered by many people losing family members and friends is unthinkable for a technological advanced country like us.