Newsletter | Mar/Apr 2021

Remembering Carolina Woo
by Mui Ho

Carolina on left

It is sad to learn that one's friend and colleague has passed away. It congers up many memories of the old days. Carolina and I were in grade school together when her family moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong in 1949. She had to learn a new language, Cantonese. Later, when we met again in US, she spoke several Chinese dialects fluently making her invaluable in doing business with China. She was responsible in securing all the large projects in China for SOM since the early 1980's. It can't have been easy to be the first woman partner in the most prestigious architectural firm of the era. She emphasized that her good fortune was in having very good mentors in SOM. One of the partners took her on as a protege when she joined the firm after school at the Rhode Island School of Design. She worked with SOM until she retired in 2011.