Newsletter | May/Jun 2021

Editor's Note:

by Mui Ho

It never stops amazing me how creative and active our OWA members are. During the lockdown, they have developed new interests and many have become involved with public and neighborhood activities. Usually we have limited amounts of time when holding down a full time job, just enough to take care of daily needs and work. For retired members, the Covid lockdown has created even more time in our hands, and we have tried to stay active by contributing to our immediate community. We spend our energy being helpful to friends in need and making other small contributions.

Janet Crane has been very active with NextVillageSF, a non profit organization. In their Programs on Unique Experience series on Armchair Travel, she has invited OWA member and photographer Joanne Winship to talk about her trip to Mongolia.

Joanne Winship is planning to drive to Minnesota this summer visiting state parks with her beloved dog. She has found a rider from San Francisco to Minnesota and would welcome a driver companion on her return trip. Please contact her if you know of anyone interested.

Marda Stothers is planning to return to Northern Ireland this summer for several weeks to continue her work on Jubilee Farm, a christian organization, to build a multipurpose barn with classrooms, kitchen, shelter and milking room for livestock.

Judy Rowe has been teaching three young neighborhood children, ages 8 to 10, drawing and watercolor during the Covid lockdown. They meet in her garden once or twice a week. Judy is a serious watercolor artist. Recently she won the First Place in the 2021 California Watercolor Association Member Show. She hads shared her watercolor technique with us in couple of OWA Retreats.

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