Newsletter | May/Jun 2021

Joanne Winship photo: Glacier National Park

Roz Koo Obituary

via Self Help for the Elderly

Architects who practiced in the 70's and 80's in the Bay area would have met Roz Koo or heard about her. Roz was the Chief Financial Officer and a partner at MBT Associates, one of the largest architectural firms in the area. She was instrumental in bringing in large projects and working with corporate firms like Chevron. Prior to joining the architectural firm, she was the executive assistant to Gerald McCue then the dean of the College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley.

After retiring from MBT associates in 1988, Roz spent most her time working with non-profit organizations helping them to acquired funding. She was nicknamed the 'Funding Angel'. She was the force in getting the 70 units of the Lady Shaw Senior Center through City Hall, despite considerable opposition from North Beach neighbors. It took seven years to build.

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