Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2021

Editor' Note:
by Mui Ho

For our 30th and 40th Anniversaries, OWA sponsored several activities throughout the year responding to the wide interests of the membership, making sure all members could engage in one or more of the events. The planning for our 50th Anniversary in 2023 started at the end of last year. It is timely to devote this Jul/Aug Newsletter to inform the membership on what activities are being considered, who has signed on to lead these activities and their progress. As expected, and true to our OWA volunteer spirit, many of our members have already taken on the responsibility to be the lead person for the following celebration activities :

The travel - Betty Woo & Marda Quon
The exhibit - Darlene Jang + others
The symposium - Carol Mancke
The Bay to Breaker run - ?
The celebration party - Gilda Puenta-Peters & Leslie Golden
The 2023 retreat from 9/22 to 9/24 - Rachel Sloniki

In the mean time, members are encouraged to help out in one or more activities or to suggest new activity.