Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2021

50th Anniversary Travel
by Marda Quon Stothers

For our 50th Anniversary Travel, Betty and I and others are thinking about another cruise starting in a city that may have an architectural event, or design interest. Cruises are inexpensive for a comprehensive package ($100/day) and allow tailoring and privacy.
There is a conference "Sustainable Future - Leave no one Behind" organized by UIA world congress in July 2-6, 2023 in Copenhagen. Can we be a delegation to influence others during our 50th year? Gilda said after our visit to Ecuador, the local AIA started a women's group. Let's not underestimate our influence or our accomplishments.

For our 30th Anniversary in 2003, I volunteered to plan a group trip. Over the years many OWA friends have traveled together, visiting London, Peru, China and Czechoslovakia. Gilda suggested a trip to Ecuador and eleven of us went on a very intimate trip meeting in Quito, touring colonial architecture, addressing their national AIA with three lectures, k dancing in solstice festival, hiking a volcano to a glacier, retreating to hot springs and shopping the Otavalo indigenous market. Some went to the Galapagos.

For our 40th Anniversary in 2013 Betty Woo found a Mediterranean Cruise on an Italian line MSC that launched from Venice. We arrived to catch the international Exhibit, the Venice Biennale initiated in 1895. This trip included friends and spouses and we were 25. The cruise was $700 for 7 days. Our ports were Bari, Olympia, Izmir, Istanbul and Dubrovnik back to Venice. Various members organized port tours and there were before and after side trips. It was much easier to organize and we enjoyed our partners.

50 years wow. If you have not traveled with us you will love being with like minded seasoned architectural oriented travelers. Please contact me or Betty to give us your ideas and interest.

Marda - or Betty - bettywoo@thewoos.mnet