Newsletter | Jul/Aug 2021

Anniversary Exhibit
by Darlene Jang

OWA Exhibit for 50th Anniversary April 2023

Exhibition ideas to coincide with the Symposium concept:
An Exhibition idea can be considered to run concurrently with the OWA Symposium to be scheduled for April 2021.

1 An Exhibition can be linked to an OWA website. A format can be developed and limited to 1-5 pages of OWA Women Architects and Designed Professionals. Works can feature works achieved individually or from their work place. Published project works and/or written works can also be featured. A link can be given at the Symposium and announced on the OWA website, AIASF and AIAEB website and more.

2 Option: This 50th Anniversary website exhibition can be a 2D exhibition to be hung at the Symposium venue e.g. Wurster Hall gallery or Lobby walls during the Symposium and announced in the program. It is suggested to be formatted as (1) one vertical board 24”x36”.

3 Option: After the Symposium, OWA can seek to travel the 2D exhibition boards to other venues e.g. AIA East Bay, AIA San Francisco, AIA San Mateo, AIA National Conference, etc.

We would like to form a committee to look further into this Exhibition concept and develop the details for the website and 2D boards. For interest to join Exhibition committee, contact: Darlene Jang Architect